Germantown: Programs Overview

The Germantown Club focuses on 5 Core Areas.  Below is a preview of some of the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America programs facilitated at the Germantown Club. Program descriptions are available here.

PROJECT DISCOVERY (Our After School Program)

1) Character & Leadership Development
These programs help our youth become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process is the main thrust of these programs. They also develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to Club and community and celebrating our national heritage.

Programs Include:

  • Keystone Clubs
  • Torch Clubs
  • Youth of the Year

2) Education & Career Development
These programs help youth create aspirations for the future, providing opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement.

Programs Include:

  • Career Launch
  • Diplomas to Degrees (d2D)
  • Graduate for Mas
  • Money Matters
  • Power Hour
  • Summer Brain Gain

3) Health & Life Skills
These programs help youth achieve and maintain healthy, active lifestyles

Programs Include:

  • Healthy Habits
  • Netsmartz
  • Passport to Manhood
  • SMART Girls
  • SMART Moves

4) The Arts
These initiatives help young people enhance self-expression and creativity, develop multicultural appreciation, provide exposure to and develop skills in crafts and visual, performing and literary arts.

Programs Include:

  • Drama Matters Afterschool
  • Digital Arts Suites and Festivals
  • National Fine Arts Exhibit

5) Sports, Fitness, & Recreation
These programs help develop fitness, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills.

Programs Include:

  • Triple Play
  • Wanna Play?


We also provide:

  • Homework Help
  • Student Service Learning Opportunities
  • Incentives and Rewards
  • Special Events (Boys & Girls Clubs Outings, Sleepovers, Field Trips, , Campouts, “Bingo Night”, “Games Night”)



Winter and Summer Olympics

Club members are grouped into different countries.  Club members research and learn about their country. Club members compete in various sporting games to earn medals for their respective countries.

Winter Olympic Games (December)

  • Air Hockey
  • Chant & Cheer
  • Bobsledding
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Curling
  • Floor Hockey
  • Snow Ball Fight

Summer Olympic Games (June)

  • Basketball
  • Chant & Cheer
  • Football
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jump Rope
  • Obstacle Course
  • Soccer
  • Track


“Let Fashion Flo” (Fashion, Modeling, and Grooming)

Club members learn the basics of modeling, grooming, fashion, and dress code. Club members will get to showcase all that they have learned in a fashion show as they walk the runway. Club members will also participate in a photoshoot.
Ages: 5 – 18

Muay Thai Club (Thai Kickboxing)

Club members learn the Thailand sport of Muay Thai (Kickboxing). Club members get a workout through punching and kicking pads, strength and condition training, calisthenics workouts, and circuit training.  Members learn the proper form and technique of each Kickboxing strike and defense.
Ages: 13 – 1

August 5, 2016
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