Montgomery County Region: Partnerships

We Welcome Prospective Corporate and Programmatic Partners!

Thank you for your interest in Boys & Girls Clubs. We look to partner with companies that have solid brand images and reputations.  BGCGW will not endorse products, promote the sale of products or mandate that Clubs endorse, purchase or sell any product or service.

Here are the three main types of BGCA partnerships:

  1. Strategic Alliances are multi-year, partnerships that may create new programs or strengthen established programs that support the organization’s long-term strategic priorities.
  2. Sponsored Programs are existing programs, which are available to be underwritten.
  3. Market Promotions take place in a windowed period of time and can be a one-time promotion or annual event.


More businesses are realizing the social and economic benefits of strategic nonprofit partnerships. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is very interested in discussing these benefits with you. If your company meets some of the initial guidelines outlined here and would like to discuss a potential partnership with our club, please contact

Below are few of our corporate and program partners:

Hughes Networks
Coca-Cola Consolidated
Choice Hotels
Old Navy

Potomac Wealth Advisors LLC
Scheer Partners
Sonny’s Kids Foundation
Jimmy Johns
The Thrill Company
Black Hill Nature Programs, Montgomery Parks
Blackrock Center for the Arts


August 4, 2016
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