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The Manassas Boys & Girls Club proudly offers Basketball, Flag Football, Tackle Football, Girls Volleyball, Soccer League and Cheerleading sports leagues to youth ages 5-18. Our seasonal leagues are open to all children, however, a Boys & Girls Club membership is required. On this website, you will find information about registering for our leagues and current season game schedules.

Contact our Athletics Department for information regarding our Athletic Leagues at 703-365-2582 Ext. 233.

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Things Parents Should Know Before Signing a Child Up for Our Sports
We look forward to developing your child’s skills and working with you.

League Rules for All Sports

Basketball Leagues
We are now taking 2017 registrations!
Our Basketball league is designed to teach both boys and girls the fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship, and team play. Many skills will be taught, including shooting, dribbling, and passing, along with the basic fundamentals. We offer basketball during the fall, winter and summer for ages 5-18 as long as the kids are still in school. Our basketball leagues consist of girls and boys teams. The age groups are 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14&up. Our 5-7 age group is our developmental league where a lot of attention to the basics are taught.

Girls Volleyball Leagues
We are now taking 2017 registrations!
Our Girls Volleyball league is designed to teach girls the fundamentals of volleyball, sportsmanship, and team play. Many skills including setting, spiking,and passing along with the basic fundamentals will be taught to the young ladies participating. Our volleyball leagues are instructional  for all ages yet competitive for most. We have a balance where beginners will learn the basics and progress as the season unfolds. Seasoned players will enhance their talents as they move forward in the high school arena.

We are now taking 2017 registrations!
July 20, 2016
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